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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Born in the 90's

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December has already arrived, but there is no snow! I think that snow is the only positive thing there is in winter ( besides Christmas), because otherwise I see no point in the cold weather ( though, of course, cold temperatures are very necessary from the perspective of medicine ( viruses and illnesses are weaker in cold weather), biology and agriculture), but as my mood is very dependant on the weather, then the only thing that cheers me up is white, fluffy snow! I will also admit that it is ten times easier taking outfit pictures if there is snow in the background, because it just makes everything that much more prettier! But in the gloomy, rainy, grey weather it takes a lot more of my time to find a great background.

These outfit pictures were taken in front of a very neutral wall to highlight the bright blue jacket I am wearing, I think that this is another example of how to make gloomy days more colorful. I styled the jacket together with a new sweater that I received from Dresslink and, honestly I just love how cool it is! ;) I definitely that the 90's generation is one of the coolest that has ever lived since we got the opportunity to grow up in the time period when a lot of things changed, yet we are not spoiled and still know that there are a lot of things more fun than a computer or a tablet. This sweater is not only cool, but also warm and cozy! Double win!

Decembris jau klāt, bet sniega kā nav tā nav! Manuprāt, sniegs ir vienīgais pozitīvais faktors dzīvojot šajā klimata joslā, jo savādāk, es personīgi, aukstumam neredzu jēgu ( protams, ja skatāmies to no lauksaimniecības, medicīnas, bioloģijas skata punkta tad aukstums tiek uzlūkots savādāk), bet tā kā mani/ manu gara stāvokli ļoti viegli ietekmē laukā esošie laika apstākļi tad ziemā vienīgais, kas mani uzmundrina ir balts, mīksts sniedziņš. Kā arī atzīšos, ka no blogeru skata punkta arī estētiski daudz skaistāk izskatās bildes, kurās fonā ir balts sniedziņš, līdz ar to, pašlaik esošajos laika apstākļos ( drūms, pelēks, lietains laiks) ir daudz reiz grūtāk atrast piemērotu vietu foto sesijām.
Šīs dienas tērpa bildes tika uzņemtas iepretim Gaismas pilij un kā galvenais fons tika izvēlēts neitrāla siena, lai vēl vairāk izceltu koši zilo jaku, kas, manuprāt, ir vēl viens lielisks veids kā padarīt pelēkās ziemas dienas nedaudz košākas. Jaku esmu sakombinējusi kopā ar manu jaunāko džemperi no Dresslink, kuru jau vakardien ieraudzījāt manā Instagram profilā. Teksts, kas ir attēlots uz džempera ir  ļoti trendīgs un uzsver to cik forša 90. gadu paaudze! :) Man patīk, kā arī tas ir ērts un silts! "Double win" :)
indigo blue jacket
daniel wellington watch
dresslink review
born in 90's sweatshirt
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big spacious traveling bag fro H&M
latvian winter style
Jacket - c/o Dresslink
Sweatshirt - c/o Dresslink
Boots - H&M
Bag - H&M


~With love~


  1. I feel the exact opposite about snow, I hate it ;-)
    However, you look great. I truly love your coat it's such a beautiful color.

    Stop by:

    1. Oh, really? I kind of have a love-hate relationship with snow - I only want it for Christmas! :D
      Thank you Katrine for the compliments!

  2. I really like this look, dear !


  3. Love the look so much, all black looks with a pop of blue are just perfect! :D


    1. Thank you! I always try to find something more colorful to wear in these gloomy days!

  4. Loving the electric blue!

    Agnes x


  5. Love that blue klein touch!



  6. I Love this outfit and how it was paired with some lovely accessories. You look fabulous

    xoxo - Style.. A Pastiche

  7. I love how your have styled The look
    The jacket is perfection

    Happy Day

    1. Thank you Nicky! :)
      It's always great to hear such a nice feedback from a fashionista! :)

  8. Ahh I have a love-hate relationship with snow - I like the idea of it but I hate being cold even more so...
    That said, I love that jacket you have on! The color is so vibrant and beautiful, it's quite flattering on your skin tone! Also, yay for 90's kids! :]

    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

    1. Yeah, for me it's the same! Basically I'd like snow for a week from Christmas to New Years & then the summer could start right away for all I care! :D
      Thank you for the nice compliments, you always know how to make me smile! :)

  9. I am yet to see snow:(
    Maddie you look nice in this bright blue outfit.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

    1. Oh, and I hope you will! :)
      Thank you Rupa!

  10. There's been no snow here in NYC either! It's been a weirdly warm December but I'm not complaining! You look amazing, this blue is beautiful on you. Very chic!

    1. Yes, the December has been unusually warm here in Riga as well! I'm not complaining much either, because I can't stand freezing!
      Thanks! <3

  11. Cik skaista jaka! Un tas T-krekla uzraksts! ;)

    1. Paldies, Zandu! :) Jā tas uzraksts pats labākais!

  12. ļoti foršs džemperis. Kuru izmēru pasūtīji?

    1. Paldies! :) Es pasūtīju M izmēru!


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