Casual winter style outfit

Leather sleeve parka jacket

Who could even guess that these pictures were taken just a week ago when snow was even mor than knee high in several places! Right now there is practically no sign that a week ago we were deep in winter! But, of course, it surely doesn’t mean that I will not publish these pictures as it is another chance to see how beautiful the winter nature is!

It is no secret that the most important thing when it comes to winter, is to stay warm! But how it is possible to stay warm and at the same time not look like a stuffed animal? The key to that is smart layering! For example, in this outfit I am wearing four layers of clothing – a top, a button up shirt, a sweater and a parka jacket! Of course, you shouldn’t forget about winter accessories, such as scarf, gloves or mittens, hat  ( or a hood would do the trick as well) and warm winter boots! Of course, in extreme weather conditions when the temperature decreases below minus 20 degrees by Celsius, even my mind freezes and sometimes totally forgets about style or fashion! I dress up very rarely, for example, when I have to go to an important meeting or event, otherwise, I am not taking off my dawn feather jacket, huge faux fur mittens and faux fur circle scarf! 
What is your relationship with winter and fashion?
Kurš gan varētu to iedomāties, ka šīs bildes tika uzņemtas vien pirms nedēļas, kad laukā sniega sega dažbrīd pat sniedzās ceļu augstumā! Pašlaik gan no sniega ir gandrīz ne ziņas ne miņas, bet tas, protams, neliedz man iespēju publicēt šo rakstu un vēlreiz priecāties par to cik gan skaista daba ir arī ziemā! 
Kā jau mēs to zinām, tad ziemā pats galvenais nosacījums ir kārtīgi saģērbties, bet kā gan ietuntulēties tā, lai nav kauns iziet no mājām? Atslēgas vārds ir – kārtas! Piemēram šajā tērpā man uzvilktas četras kārtas ar drēbēm – topiņš (apakškrekliņš), pogājamais krekliņš ar garām piedurknēm, džemperis un virsjaka. Protams, nedrīkst arī aizmirst par tik ļoti svarīgajiem ziemas aksesuāriem kā šalle, cimdi un cepure ( vai arī silta kapuce) un siltiem ziemas zābakiem! Protams, ekstremālos laika apstākļos, kad termometra stabiņš nokrīt zem mīnus 20, par stilu un/vai modi aizdomājos tikai tad, ja man tajā dienā ir jādara kaut kas ļoti svarīgs, vai arī jāiet uz kādu pasākumu, bet savādāk es neizlienu no manas siltās kastīšveida dūnu jakas, mega lielajiem dūraiņiem un šalles!
Kādas ir Tavas attiecības ar modi un aukstumu?

Warm yet fashionable

Winter style
How to stay warm at winter
Tote bag from H&M
Latvian fashion blogger
Winter style
Scarf – New Yorker
Parka – Rosewe
Sweater – H&M
Watch – Daniel Wellington
Pants – H&M
Bag – H&M
Boots – Tamaris


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~With love~


  1. January 31, 2016 / 20:59

    You look absolutely gorgeous 🙂
    I love that sweater and that bag too
    The background looks awesome, we didn't get enough snow for it to settle!

    Neeny | Spoon Full Of Yum

    • February 6, 2016 / 19:21

      Aww Neeny you are so sweet! Thank you! 🙂
      We had huge piles of snow for about three weeks, I kind of did get enough of it, therefore, I am pulling for spring A LOT! 🙂
      Can't wait to wear all the pretty pastel shades!

  2. February 1, 2016 / 06:11

    You look gorgeous in the snow Maddie! We don't have Winter here in the Philippines but I would like to wear and style winter inspired outfits hehehe It's also how pretty and amazing you look despite of the cold weather!

    love lots,

    • February 6, 2016 / 19:23

      Awww Tin – thank you my dear! :*
      I think you'd love the snow! Everything around looks ten times more beautiful, sometimes I felt like I truly was living in a winter fairytale! 🙂

    • February 6, 2016 / 19:25

      Thanks Deb! Layers are surely the key when it comes to winter fashion!

    • February 6, 2016 / 19:26

      I get what you are saying as I am a big summer lover myself! It is actually my favorite season of all times! But on the other hand, I definitely appreciate the beauty that each season has to offer! <3

  3. February 2, 2016 / 01:42

    oh dear, I do not know where to begin Maddie! I love everything! The weater is so pretty and cool, the plaid is a nice touch, the scarf is perfect and I love your jacket. But your smile and pretty face is the best!
    xx, Elle

    • February 6, 2016 / 19:26

      Awww, my sweet Elle, you always find the kindest words to say! You surely put a big smile on my face, thank you for that! <3

    • February 6, 2016 / 19:27

      Hi Rupa! I am truly great! Thanks for asking! 🙂
      Thank you, I am glad you like it! <3

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