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*Holidays are my happy days* TGFI, right? 🙂 As per usual on Friday I have collected together some of my favorite Ebay bargains from this week. For two weeks in a row I have focused on the three color whales – black, white and red and I am kind of desperetaly waiting for spring to come so I could pull out some gorgeous pastels from my wardrobe. But meanwhile I am sticking to the classics and picked out this weeks bargains in the sophisticated colors that black, white and red are!
This week without any doubts my favorite find has to be that gorgeous red coat! Of course, there is always a chance that it will not turn out to be so great in real life, but I mean in pictures it does look stunning – do you agree? Though, I have to add that I am one hundred percent sure that I don’t need a new red coat since I already have two (!!) of them, but a girl can always dream! Am I right? 🙂
*Brīvdienas ir manas laimīgās dienas*. TGFI, vai ne? 🙂 Kā jau ierasti piektdienā, esmu apkopojusi dažus no maniem mīļākajiem šīs nedēļas Ebay atradumiem un jau otro nedēļu pēc kārtas galvenais akcents tiek likts uz balto, melno un sarkano. Ļoti, ļoti gaidu pavasara sākšanos, kad no garderobes varēšu vilkt ārā skaistos pasteļtoņus, bet tikmēr pieturos pie klasiskas un pārbaudītas krāsu kombinācijas! 
Šīs dienas mīļākais atradums noteikti būs sarkanais mētelis! Protams, vienmēr pastāv šaubas par to cik tas būs kvalitatīvs, jo bildēs mētelis izskatās uz visiem 100%, ceru, ka arī dzīvē tas izskatīsies tik pat lieliski! Kaut gan jāpiebilst, ka man noteikti nav nepieciešams vēl viens sarkans mētelis, jo man tādi jau ir divi (!!), bet, protams, gribēt jau nav kaitīgi, vai ne? 🙂
Do you like my Ebay bargains? Which is your favorite? 
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  1. February 13, 2016 / 13:03

    That red coat is beyond gorgeous Maddie! I love it so much! wish it's mine! lol
    It actually reminds me of what Kylie Jenner recently wore in NYC, she looks so glam in it!

    love lots,

  2. February 15, 2016 / 21:38

    Love them all! The coat is gorgeous, but if it is synthetic, I wont buy it, unless it is mostly natural fibers. That way I am not disappointed! Love the shoes, and the hair clips are so fabulous and fun!
    Great job Maddie, I always love these posts!
    xx, Elle

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