, Call me Maddie: March 2016

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Spring wedding outfit idea with Dorothy Perkins

Romantic lace dress
Dorothy Perkins clothing review
Dorothy Perkins has been one of my most favorite online shops ever since I discovered that you can actually shop on the internet! :) Therefore, I was very, very happy when a representative from Dorothy Perkins contacted me and gave me the opportunity to participate in their spring occasion wear campaign!

SANERIBOX unboxing and first impressions

SANERIBOX unboxing
In today's article I'd like to introduce you to the first SANERIBOX beauty box of 2016. Even though, only locals, as in Latvians can order this beauty box, the products I am reviewing in this article are very well known and can be purchased individually.

Makeup look: Denim blue

Blue makeup eye shadow inspiration
If we are talking about makeup, then surely blue color is one of those colors that is the most unusual for me and I have kind of been avoiding it in my daily makeup routine.

Schwarzkopf Made to Create event

Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS review
A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to attend the Schwarzkopf Made to Create event in which I was introduced to the most popular hair fashion trends of 2016. We had a fantastic opportunity to see professionals in their element as well as watch a nice catwalk in which models showcased three main trends: "Urban Sports", "Future wave" and "Freecreation". Believe when I'll say all of them were super stylish, chic and modern - see for yourself in the pictures!

Makeup look: Bright and girly

Pink makeup inspiration
Pink is surely one of my  most favorite colors when it comes to makeup as it is so beautiful, feminine and playful!

Weekend outfit

Sporty streetstyle
Backpack for the weekend
Who doesn't love weekends right? I think that ever since I started working a full time job, weekends are that reason which makes me function during the week! :) As my weekdays are very busy, I like to plan my weekends with calm and relaxing activities, but as we all know, not everything goes according to the plan :)

Irresistible Me Sapphire 8 in 1 Complete Curling wand review

Irresistible Me Complete curling wand review

This is the second time I am collaborating together with a brand Irresistible Me, maybe you'll even remember this article in which I reviewed their clip in hair extensions. In today's article I am looking at their Sapphire 8 in 1 Complete Curling wand and I also have prepared my review on it!

Giveaway!!! Win Chi Chi London Amara dress! [CLOSED]

Win Chi Chi Clothing dress

Maybe you'll remember this beautiful article in which I wore a beautiful, beautiful dress from Chi Chi London. It so happened that in the last time when I collaborated with Chi Chi London, they by a mistake sent me the same dress (we were planning on collaborating for a lovely Valentine's day look with a different dress).

Friday Ebay bargains #114

Ebay bargains on Call me Maddie
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 

Oh what a week it has been! Can’t even wrap my head around the whirlwind that happened throughout the week! I am so lucky and thankful that it is finally Friday and that I’ll have hopefully calm and relaxing weekend! Though I have a feeling that it won’t be so calm after all as I have a loooot of blogging work to do – some awesome and interesting collaborations on the way & I have to start drafting some blog articles for the time I’ll be away at Canary islands. Last year when I went on a vacation I left it to the last moment and, therefore, just had much more stress.
But you know all is good – I like keeping myself busy, especially when I know that my hard work pays off + I’ll have fantastic holidays in less than a month. That surely keeps my motivation level very high! J One step at a time and I’m closer to my dream...

After all my ramblings, I hope you’ll enjoy the Ebay bargains I collected this week, my fave surely is the gorgeous, gorgeous blue bag!Which is yours and how has your week been? Any plans for the weekend?

Kas pa nedēļu! Nedēļa bija tiešām ļoti, ļoti piepildīta gan ar darbu, gan ar dažādiem citiem notikumiem! Esmu sagurusi, bet ļoti priecīga par to, ka šodien ir piektdiena un ļoti ceru, ka šī nedēļas nogale būs mierīga un bez stresa J Lai gan pieļauju, ka lielāko daļu pavadīšu strādājot pie datora, jo man ir tik daudz bloga darbiņu ko padarīt! Nākotnē ir ieplānotas dažas patiešām foršas un interesantas sadarbības, kā arī ir jāuzsāk ieskicēt bloga ieraksti aprīļa sākumam, jo būšu atvaļinājumā un neuztraukšos ne par darbu, ne par blogu, ne par jebko citu! J Pagājušogad šos ierakstus sāku plānot/rakstīt tikai dažas dienas pirms atvaļinājuma un, protams, atlikt visu uz pēdējo noteikti nav tā pati labākā ideja, jo tā jau pirms ceļojuma ir neliels stress (piemēram, vai lidmašīnas neaizkavēsies, vai paspēs uz nākamo lidojumu u.tml.).
Bet kaut arī nedēļas nogali visticamāk pavadīšu darbojoties, to noteikti nenožēloju, jo zinu, ka ieguldītais darbs atmaksāsies, kā arī jau pēc mazāk kā mēneša gozēšos Kanāriju salu saulītē. Tas noteikti palīdz man būt motivētai. Soli pa solim un es esmu ar katru mirkli tuvāk savam sapnim...

Ceru, ka jums patiks šīs piektdienas ieraksts ar maniem mīļākajiem šīs nedēļas Ebay atradumiem. Mans favorīts noteikti ir šī burvīgā somiņa! Kurš ir tavējais? Kāda bija tava nedēļas nogale un kādi ir plāni nedēļas nogalei?

~With love~

My new room tour

Fahion blogger room tour
I've been planning on writing/publishing this article since the end of January, but as other blog posts had a higher priority I've been delaying this article a bit. Maybe some of you might have noticed or read that at the end of last year I moved out of my parent's flat and moved in with my boyfriend. We have been living together for two full months and we are slowly starting to fill our apartment with furniture. It so happened that our flat had one spare room and, honestly, I have no idea how I talked my boyfriend into giving this room for me. Seriously neither do I, neither does he remember how I did that! Magic. Anyways, since then I've been proudly calling this room my small home office, headquarters of Call me Maddie, or simpler - my blog room.

Style it: Sporty!

sporty style
I wanted to continue the theme that I started last week which revolved around sportswear clothes and accessories, but in a bit different manner. Which means that today I have created a blog article on how to incorporate sporty style in your wardrobe.

The Envy Blowdry set review

the envy blowdry set review beauty blog
First of all, I'd like to apologize for not posting my weekly Friday Ebay bargains this week - on Friday I was full of energy, but then decided to do grocery shopping after work, which was a super bad idea, since the store was full with people and queues were so long. Afterwards I was way too tired and didn't even open my laptop.
Anyways, today I have prepared a review post for you guys! I am introducing you to a great English brand called envy.

My recent sportswear favorites

Sporstwear favorites
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12
I really hope that spring and, therefore, also summer is just around the corner because as you might already know – summer undeniably is my favorite season! And with that being said, in about a month I’ll be going away on a vacation and enjoying the sun and the warmth of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura ( I am literally counting days for my vacation).
I think that the time period between January and May is the best one for getting back in shape and working for your beautiful and healthy (!!) summer body. And as in January we booked our vacation, I decided to have a nice bikini body for April, therefore, I regularly started working out at home. Of course, you can’t really compare the results you have after going to gym regularly and the ones you achieve by working out at home, but I can confidentely say that I can already see the progress and I most definitely feel more comfortable in my own skin. But surely you always have to remember that in order to have your perfect body, you shouldn’t forget about eating healthy and well balanced meals. This is definitely my development area since I am very busy and sometimes don’t actually have the time to eat a proper meal.
There is no doubt that sportswear clothes and accessories are one of the main motivators when it comes to working out (I believe it’s more common between women, though). I personally love shopping for fitness clothing because new, exciting and maybe even innovative workout gear can definitely hype me up and make me look forward to my next workout. Therefore, today I am dedicating this article to some awesome workout gear I have found all over the internet. My recent fave when it comes sportswear is a brand called lolewomen.com, I know that at H&M I will always have good value and quality clothes, but sometimes I’ll also peek my eyes into Asos.com sportswear section as well J What is your workout routine? Does workout gear excite you as well?

Es ļoti ceru, ka pavasaris un arī vasara tuvojas vēja spārniem, jo, manuprāt, jūs jau ļoti labi ziniet- vasara neapšaubāmi ir mans mīļākais gada laiks! Pačukstēšu to, ka jau nedaudz vairāk pēc mēneša es došos saules un siltuma meklējumos uz kādu siltāku vietiņu jeb uz Lanzaroti un Fuerteventuri (tiešām skaitu dienas).
Manuprāt, laika periods no janvāra līdz pat maijam ir ideāli piemērots tam, lai iegūtu lielisku un veselīgu augumu vasaras sezonai! Un tā kā janvāra sākumā mēs nolēmām, ka aprīlī vēlēsimies nedaudz pasildīties siltajās zemēs, tad gatavoties es jau sāku salīdzinoši laicīgi - jeb jau no janvāra vidus aktīvi mājās vingroju. Protams, rezultāts nav uz pusi tik pamanāms kā tas būtu, ja es regulāri dotos uz sporta zāli, bet noteikti jūtu progresu un ir uzlabojusies arī pašsajūta! Piebildīšu, ka veiksmīga treniņa pamatā ir arī pareizs un sabalansēts uzturs un šī noteikti vēl ir mana attīstības joma, jo noslogotības dēļ dažkārt sanāk izlaist kādu ēdienreizi, vai arī apēst kaut ko neveselīgāku.
Neapšaubāmi viena no vismotivējošākajām lietām fitnesa pasaulē (pieļauju, ka šis vairāk attieksies uz sievietēm) ir sporta apģērbs. Jauns, krāsains vai inovatīvs sporta apģērbs mani spēj uzmundrināt, motivēt un pat likt ar nepacietību gaidīt nākamo treniņu! Tāpēc šodien nolēmu padalīties ar dažiem maniem sporta apģērba un aksesuāru favorītiem. Starp citu mans jaunatklājums ir interneta veikals lolewomen.com, savukārt pārbaudīta vērtība ir H&M Sport nodaļa, bet šad tad arī palūkojos, kas labs ir sporta sadaļā Asos.com.

~With love~