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It is almost middle of spring and we surely have to start thinking about those sunny days when we will  have to protect our eyes from the bright sun. And, of course, not everybody has enough money to buy those fancy designer sunglasses, therefore, as right now I am in the sunny Canary islands, I have prepared a blog post dedicated to sunglasses you can find on Ebay. And what is the best feature about them? Their price! My faves from the above mentioned have to be nr.2 as they have that cool marmor print in the frame! Have you prepared for the sunny spring/summer sunny days?

Pavasaris jau ir tūliņ pusē un noteikti ir jāsāk aktīvi domāt par to kā saulainajās dienās mēs pasargāsim savas acis no spožās saules gaismas. Ne visiem ir iespēja iegādāties skaistas dizaineru saulesbrilles, tāpēc par godu tam, ka pašlaik atrodos saulainajās Kanāriju salās, esmu apkopojusi saulesbrilles, kuras ir iespējams atrast Ebay’ā par ļoti draudzīgām cenām. Manas favorītes, laikam, ir saulesbrilles nr. 2, jo tām ir mans iemīļotais marmora raksts briļļu rāmītī! Vai Tu jau esi sagatavojusies saulainajām pavasara/vasaras dienām?

Do you like my Ebay bargains? Which is your favorite? 
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  1. April 9, 2016 / 09:30

    love how playful they are Maddie! perfect choices for spring and summer!!!!!

    love lots,


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