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Monday, August 29, 2016

Urban Decay Electric palette review and makeup look

Must have eye shadow palette
On my birthday which was back in July I received a gift card from store Douglas. And right in the moment when I unpacked the gift card I knew what I was going to buy – the Urban Decay Electric palette. This eye shadow palette has been in my makeup wish list for a really long time, therefore, with pure excitement I unboxed it and gasped when I saw the first swatches on my fingers. The palette consists of 10 bright shades which can be mixed and matched together in order to achieve a cool, colorful daytime look as well as vivid and intriguing night time look. I think that the palette suits summer ideally, though, I do also believe that I’ll have a great use of it in fall as well.
I was so impressed by the super cool packaging (which, I have to add, is very qualitative as well) and the pigmentation of the eye shadows. Down below you can see swatches of each shade. Even though, the eyeshadows are packed with pigment, it is very easy to blend them out, plus they lasted the whole day on my eye lids without creasing or smudging. I mean, do you need any more convincing? :)

Dzimšanas dienā saņēmu dāvanu karti Douglas veikalā un tajā pat mirklī jau zināju, ko es iegādāšos – Urban Decay Electric paleti. Šī palete manā vēlmju sarakstā ir bijusi jau ļoti, ļoti, ilgi un man prieks, ka vēlmes ātrāk vai vēlāk piepildās un šī burvīgā, elektriski krāsainā palete nu atrodas manā dekoratīvās kosmētikas kolekcijā. Līdz šim Urban Decay produkciju varēja iegādāties tikai Douglas internetveikalā, bet no 31.08. to būs iespējams izdarīt arī Douglas veikalos un Stockmann centrā. Patiešām lieliska ziņa kosmētikas mīļotājiem! :)
Bet nu sīkāk par pašu paleti. Paletē ir iespējams atrast 10 košus un krāsainus toņus, kurus ir iespējams savā starpā kombinēt un iegūt grimu krāsainākai ikdienai vai arī spilgtākām ballītēm. Palete ar tās spilgtajiem un krāsainajime toņiem ideāli piestāv vasarai, bet, manuprāt, arī rudens kosmētikas plauktiņā šai paletei būs vieta.
Visas acu ēnas ir ļoti pigmentētas (sk. acu ēnu swatchus zemāk) un teicami uzklājas uz acs plakstiņiem.  Ēnas ļoti viegli un dabiski pludinās, un noturība uz plakstiņa ir ļoti laba – visas dienas garumā tās neiegrimst rieviņās un nekustās.
Urban Decay Electric palette review
Urban Decay Electric palette review
Urban Decay Electric palette swatches
To complete this mini review I had to let pictures speak for themselves of how amazing the palette is, and created a makeup look with six shades: Revolt, Gonzo, Savage, Chaos, Jilted and Urban. My two ultimate favorites where shade Revolt  and Gonzo because they made the whole application process a true dream come true. Bold eyes and bold lips? Hell yeah! I decided to add another pop of colour with my newest MAC matte lipstick. The lipstick is in shade Heroine which is a truly beautiful and very fall like violet shade. I already raved about the MAC matte lipstick in my MAC review post, therefore, you already know how much I’m loving it.
Which eye shadow palettes are on your wish list?
Grima tēlā, ko redzēsiet zemāk, esmu izmantojusi sešus toņus: Revolt, Gonzo, Savage, Chaos, Jilted un Urban. Toņi Revolt un Gonzo ir mani dotā brīža favorīti, jo ar tiem veidot šo grima tēlu bija tiešām bauda. Kā arī otrs krāsas akcents, ko izmantoju ir mana jaunā MAC lūpu krāsu tonī Heroine, kas ir skaista, piesātināti violeta matēta lūpu krāsa. Jau pagājušajā MAC atsauksmju rakstā jūsmoju par MAC matētajām lūpu krāsām un, protams, arī šoreiz varu teikt tikai un vienīgi pozitīvas lietas. Manuprāt, šis violetais tonis izcili piestāv rudenim. 
Kādas acu ēnu paletes ir Tavā vēlmju sarakstā?
Deep purple makeup look
Beauty blogger from Europe
Urban Decay Electric Palette makeup look


Urban Decay Electric palette review
 ~With love~


  1. Wow, very pretty, vibrant colors, and the packaging is lovely...

    The Flower Duet

    1. I know right? The packaging itself blew me away! <3

  2. The shades on this are crazy beautiful, love them!!

    Visit me back :)

  3. lovely colors!


  4. Beautiful palette, wow!
    Have a wonderful day doll,
    Johanna ♡


    1. Thank you Johanna!
      Have a beautiful day as well <3

  5. Replies
    1. Jā, krāsas ir crazy labas! <3 Pigmentācija tiešām ir ideāla!

  6. ahhhh es iemilejos zilaja toni! Tev piestav :))


    1. Zilais tonis noteikti ir viens no maniem favorītiem :)

  7. This collection is SO bright and gorgeous!

    Le Stylo Rouge

    1. Indeed it is! Definitely my cup of tea, hehe :)

  8. Waw the package is so nice!
    I don't use such bright colors myself,
    but damn, you make it work!
    I completely understand how happy this gift makes you.

    Celien | The Losing Struggle

    1. Thank you Celien! :)
      I am more of a neutrals and pastels girl, but sometimes I looove playing with colours and experimenting! You should try too! It's so much fun!

  9. Hey I have heard a lot about Urban Decay! I used to work in a lifestyle magazine and in that time I spotted a lot of gifts from the brand that I gave to my roomie, haha!

    Love the bright colors in this palette, I think they are just the final great touch for every look, at the end make up could be a great accessory too, don't you think?

    You look stunning! :D
    All the best!
    Fungi Express blog

    1. Previously we were not able to buy Urban Decay in Latvia which was a huge pity, but now we even have a store filled with UD which makes me very happy :)
      Haha, your roomie must have been lucky! :)

      I definitely agree with makeup being a great accessory. I think that it has the power to put the outfit to a whole another level. Just a pop of colour and bam! you are ready to go! :)

  10. Maddie,
    love these intense colors on you, your pretty face is the perfect canvas for rich color!
    xx. Elle

    1. Elle, you are way too kind & making me blush! Thank you! <3


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