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Monday, June 4, 2018

The perfect summer dress | Mallorca outfits

SantanyĆ­, Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain
Calo s'Almunia
As I am looking through these pictures I realize how much I miss my amazing vacation in Mallorca šŸ˜“ Going back to the same place you've already visited might not be the best idea since there are so many gorgeous places in the world you've not seen yet, but I must say that I am very tempted to go back to Mallorca. I was really surprised to see how green and lush the island is, how wild is the nature and how many breathtaking views are just around every corner. Oh, and the beaches, how I could I forget to mention the stunning beaches of Mallorca šŸ˜ The beaches I saw in Mallorca could actually be the most beautiful beaches I've seen with my own eyes. I remember being in awe about the beaches in Tenerife, but the beaches in Mallorca just completely knock their socks off. The pictures of this outfit were taken in one of the beaches we saw - Cala s'Almunia, which for sure is a beach like no other as it feels like you've stepped into somebody's backyard. On the other side of this beach there is another one called Calo des Moro which just blew my mind! I mean take a look at some Insta pictures I took of it here and here!

Skatos uz Ŕīm bildēm un tik ļoti ilgojos pēc mana lieliskā atvaļinājuma Maljorkā šŸ˜“ Uz pasaules ir tik daudz vietas, kuras es vēlos redzēt un bÅ«tu pat grēks uz vienu un to paÅ”u vietu braukt vairākas reizes, bet Maljorka viennozÄ«mÄ«gi ir sala kurā ir vērts atgriezties. Es biju pārsteigta par to cik zaļa un bagātÄ«ga ir Ŕī sala, cik tās daba vietām ir neskarta, un cik gan skaisti skati paveras gandrÄ«z ik uz soļa. Un pavisam noteikti nedrÄ«kst nepieminēt elpu aizraujoŔās pludmales. Maljorka manā sarakstā nu ir oficiāli tapusi par vietu ar skaistākajām pludmalēm, kuras esmu redzējusi pati ar savām acÄ«m šŸ˜ Ja kādreiz tik ļoti sajÅ«sminājos par Tenerifes pludmalēm, tad godÄ«gi sakot, tās pat tuvu nestāv tam cik burvÄ«gas pludmales ir Maljorkā. Å Ä« tērpa bildes tika uzņemtas pie vienas no pludmalēm, kuru apmeklējām - Cala s'Almunia, kas pavisam noteikti nebÅ«s ierastā Maljorkas pludmale ar baltām smiltiņām, bet gan radÄ«s sajÅ«tu, ka esi nonācis privātmājas pagalmā un dodies peldēties. Otrpus Å”ai pludmalei ir vēl viena pludmale ar nosaukumu Calo des Moro, kuras skati bija fenomenāli - ieskaties Å”ajā un Å”ajā Instagram bildē.
What to see in Mallorca
Mallorca nature
Striped Boohoo dress
Latvian fashion blogger__________OUTFIT___________
Dress -
Boohoo (similar here and here)
Sneakers - Deichmann
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I bought this dress in Boohoo last year for arond 20 euros and I still believe it's one of the best purchases I made last summer. I've worn this dress for so many times and received so many compliments while wearing it! By the way, there are still so many dresses in a similar style to mine at Boohoo, I already listed two in the outfit description, but I had to share with you a few more, see the widget below.

Å o kleitu iegādājos pagājuÅ”ogad internetveikalā Boohoo par aptuveni divdesmi eiro un vēl joprojām uzskatu, ka tā bija viens no labākajiem pagājuŔā gada vasaras pirkumiem, jo to esmu vilkusi tik daudz reižu un saņēmusi tik daudz jauku komplimentu! Starp citu Boohoo ir iespējams atrast vēl daudzas ļoti lÄ«dzÄ«gas Ŕāda pat stila kleitas: divas jau minēju tērpa aprakstā, bet nevarēju nepadalÄ«ties vēl ar Ŕīm kleitām:

Majorca naturaleza
Summer fashion inspiration
Call me Maddie
Mallorca nature
Vacation outfit inspiration

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  1. That dress is beautiful, and the sunglasses are so cool! I don't think there is anything wrong with going back there, especially if you loved it that much! I've seen the beaches in Tenerife, and if the beaches in Mallorca are even more stunning then I'm definitely going to have to look into going. Great post xx

    Rachel | rachelemmablog.blogspot.co.uk


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