Summary of the week

So this week was really eventful!

1. I started my studies and had my first parties as a student! So here is a photo of an event called Aristotle                                          ( I bet you can’t find me)

So basically, we had to make  three letters- EVF, which in Latvian mean Ekonomikas un Vadības fakultāte, but if I translate in it English, it means Faculty of Economics and Management!

2. My parents went on a 3 week trip to France and my brother went for 1 month to London, where I will be going next week. So long story short, I am all alone for 3 weeks in apartment, which means what? Parties! 🙂

3. My cousin visited me and we had so much fun! We even had a photoshoot, I will post some pictures later, when I will edit them! Meanwhile my cousins blog
4. I got a little ill, and my best friend for past three days have been Kleenex tissues! 😛 I just hate getting bad colds!
5. And most importantly it’s been a week since I started this blog! Yaiy!! I am so glad I finally had the courage of starting my own blog!

With love,

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