Summary of the week

So this is a scheduled post as I am in London and don’t have the possibility of updating my blog!

1. My first trip to London! I will upload some pictures from it, when I will return!
2. Went to a interview for a position in Students Council! I had so much fun, because questions were so random and funny, for example, with what you would feed Sponge Bob? 😀 Also I had to come up with a joke in 30 seconds, but I wasn’t able to. I mean I know many jokes, but I can’t remember them like on the spot! 😀
3. I am so happy that all tv shows are starting to air, for example The Vampire Diaries (my favorite tv show), 90210, next week there will be Gossip Girl and so on!
4. Also had my first test in University. The system in uni so much different than in school. It’s hard to get used to the student life.
With love,

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