Family holidays

Remember a week ago I said that I was visiting my cousins in city called Ventspils? Well, here are just some of the pictures that I (some of them are also taken by my cousin) took in two wonderful days! 🙂 Gotta visit them more often!

 Sadly we started our holidays with a flat tire! 🙁
 haha, I have no idea what I am doing here! 😀 my cousin was like my personal paparazzi! 😀
 Happily my brother knew how to change a tire! It’s not really that hard to remember how to do it, but you need a lot of physical strength so most probably I couldn’t  do it!

  Some while ago my brother got a little Jack Russel terrier puppy. Isn’t he just the sweetest thing ever? 🙂

 Look to the Baltic sea!
 Again my cousin was a paparazzi 😀
  My two lovelies! Niece Elisa and sister-in-law Laura 🙂
  Hehe, Elisa posing! Wonder where she got that from? 😀
 Brr, it was so cold and windy there!
 My little cousin Ernest! 🙂
 Roses are still blooming!
 An old retro train. Choo choo! 🙂
 So, as I said those are just some of the photos! Had a really great time!
With love,

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