But mama I’m in love with a criminal

This Britney Spears song has really stuck into my mind! And I have never really liked Britney, but oh well, this song, just amazing! 🙂

Britney Spears- Criminal

Anyways I am so happy, that I will have three nice & peaceful holidays (I don’t have to go to uni tomorrow), and that is exactly what I need, after this mad, mad week! Maybe this evening I will go out with my university buddies and we will go to sing karaoke (hehe just maybe) and tomorrow I will go to a hockey game. Ah, I just love hockey and when I am watching it live, I almost go crazy, that much of a hockey fan I am! 😛

So, here enjoy some photos of my latest outfit! 😉

(Dress from Primark, Briefcase (bag) from Primark, shoes from Deichmann, belt from Zara, necklace from H&M, ring from Bijou Brigitte)
With love,

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