When in summer

As it is getting colder and colder day by day, here in Latvia, I am really starting to miss summer. It’s my favorite season, because there is so much to do in summer, like playing volleyball, swimming, riding with bicycles, attending summer parties, sunbathing and so much more! And I desperately want summer back, because winters in Latvia are really cold, with heaps and heaps of snow. Don’t get me wrong, I like snow, but I like it for about a week, when it’s Christmas, after that I want sun and warm weather. I am not really a winter person, because I don’t like skating, skiing or snowboarding or other winter sports, I only like making snow angels! 😛
But up to the point, I wanted to show you some photos from my last summer, when I and my dear family went together on a holiday to celebrate my grandmothers 70 birthday. 🙂 Photos are in completely random order! 🙂

 Me and Laura (my brothers wife)
 Radio telescope (it was pretty impressive seeing it in real life)
 My cousin in action (:
 haha, in this photo I look like an emo 😛
 My two favorite models Laura and Elisa
 my little cousin Ernest
 aren’t they just so cute? (:
 view from the lighthouse to the Baltic sea
 me and my mom (:
All photos taken by me (except those in which I am in :P) with Olympus E-400 camera, edited with Photoshop CS5.

With love,

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