mm I can finally show you some of the photos that me and my cousin took on Sunday! I feel really happy about the outcome. Because I do not use red lipstick very often, it’s a bit too bold for me! At least I don’t think that I could pull off red lips on a daily basis! 
But I know a lot of women who do use red lipstick daily, and I really admire them! Maybe one day I will have the same courage! 🙂
It’s so weird that Christmas is only 1.5 weeks away! Last 4 months went so, so fast! And I can’t believe that I have been blogging for almost 4 months! Wow, at first when I started blogging I thought that I would easily give up and that I would become bored with it fastly, but, honestly,I have come to a conclusion that keeping up my blog has turned into a hobby for me! It has brought a lot of joy and I am constantly being inspired by my fellow bloggers, so right now I am really happy with what I am doing! 🙂 And I really hope that you enjoy what I am posting, because, yes of course, in the first place I am blogging for myself, but then again I am also doing it for you guys! 🙂
Anyways, as always went a bit offtopic! 😀 here are outfit photos!
 (Ballerinas from H&M, tights from H&M, cardigan from New Yorker, skirt from Bik Bok, belt from H&M, ring from Bijou Brigitte)
Also, what made me really, really happy when I found out that I was featured in this spanish website http://www.trendencias.com in an article Anti Crisis- Good, beautiful and cheap!
Hehe, now I am so happy that I studied Spanish for 5 years, because I can at least understand what is written there! You can check out the article yourself HERE 
So, so happy! 
Muchicisimas gracias! :))
Hugs & kisses,

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