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As tomorrow it’s Christmas, I decided to show you one really easy, cheap and not time consuming gift that you can make yourself! It’s a personalized music CD, filled with your and the one’s to whom you’re giving gifts favorite songs! Total costs are about 3 euros, depending on whether you have all the necessary things at home.

So what you need is: Scissors, paper, marker, photo of you and the person to whom you want to give the gift, pen, glue stick, cd and a cd burning program in your pc.

First of all select your songs (in this particular music album there are 19 songs) for the gift and burn them into a cd!

 Then derange both cd covers!
On the main cover paper glue on the photo of the person to whom you will give the present (for me it’s my mom! and this will be part of her present 🙂 ) And on the back cover glue on your photo.
 Then with a marker on the main cover write the title of the cd ( I chose Rumour has it, as it is the first song in the album) And on the back cover I wished Merry Christmas and happy New year (in Latvian of course 😀 )
 Also what I did is that I made a song list!
 And there you go a personalized music cd album is ready! 🙂

I know that the idea of music album is not very original, but I like to make my presents a bit more special and hand made so I thought why not share my idea with you! 🙂

What do you say? Do you like the idea?

With love,

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