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Hey all! 🙂

As I said some posts before I am going to do my perfect Christmas party dress shopping post! I tried to find really nice dresses for affordable prices, because you know, students are always on a tight budget! 😀 Please, if you could  you forgive me my wacky face expressions and the fact that my hair is a hot mess. And I am sorry if the quality of some photos is not at it’s best, because lighting in some changing rooms was really tricky!Also I took these photos in the evening after a long, long study day, so I was a bit tired, yet excited to go shopping (hehe you can call shopping my favorite sport discipline! :D)

I still don’t know whether I will buy either of these dresses, or maybe I will go shopping again and I will try to find better dresses. Will see, will see! 🙂

 1.Really, really cute and romantic dress, it’s in a perfect length and I just love drapery. Dress is from Bik Bok and costs 25 euros
 2.I was surprised that I couldn’t find many dresses with sequins and glitters, because it is holiday season right now after all, and I really wanted to find a beautiful sparkly dress! This one is from Promod and costs 25 euros. It’s not my favorite, but still not bad!
 3.The same dress just in a different color. I think I prefer this color over the black one, I really like the gold sequin details! Also I really like the neck detailing! Actually this dress cost 35 euros, which was a surprise to me because the black one cost 10 euros less! 😀
 4.This dress is actually on of my favorites! As I said before I really like drapery and the color of this dress is really beautiful. Not so sure whether it’s a Christmas dress, but still I really, really like it! It’s from Bik Bok and costs, if I remember right 20 or 25 euros!

 5.This is a nice dress, I picked it because of it’s beautiful deep purple color. It didn’t fit me properly because it was a bit tight on my hips, but too loose on my breast. So it’s a no-no for me! It’s from Reserved and costs 40 euros


6.This dress looked really beautiful on the hanger, but I am not so sure whether it looks good on me, I do not consider myself as a fat person, but those stripes do not flatter my body at all, so I am definitely not getting this one. It’s from Reserved and costs 45 euros
 7.Again one really cute and romantic dress. I really like the shape and color of it! Also the beaded detailing over the dress is really pretty. This is definitely one of my favorites. It’s from Bik Bok and costs 30 euros (wow, I my face looks so weird! :D)


8. I really liked this dress, because of the detailing on the top part of the dress, the cut out shoulders look really pretty! But again I am not quite sure whether it’s a Christmas dress! Though with a belt and sparkly heels it would look really pretty! Dress is from Vero Moda and costs 42 euros
9. Really nice and pretty dress from Bik Bok, I picked it because it’s a one shoulder dress and I don’t have any one shoulder dresses. It’s available in different colors, don’t know which color I like the best, though! 🙂 Costs 15 euros
10.This is a lovely dress, but I would not buy it for Christmas, probably for Valentines day! 🙂 But I really wanted to try it on, because I really like cute girly dresses! And the top part is really pretty, I love everything that has lace detailing! Dress is from Bik Bok and costs 28 euros

Do you like my choice of dresses? Which dress you like the most?

Hugs & kisses,

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