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Hey my lovelies! 🙂
I am so happy it’s Thursday already, because I can’t wait for the weekend to start! This week I managed to do a lot of things, for example, yesterday I went to a mall, to buy Christmas presents, it’s so hard for me to find good Christmas presents, it took me the whole day! And I still didn’t manage to buy presents for my parents! 🙁
Actually I don’t really like Christmas shopping, I do like giving gifts, but definitely not finding them, because, even though, I went to the mall on a workday it was full with people, so it was a bit hard to move around in some shops and I got tired of listening all those jingle bell songs, that were played in every shop! haha, I know, I am kinda whining! 😀

But as per today, I am going to one party in some girls apartment, I bet it’s going to be a lot of fun, because I will finally have the chance to get to know better some people that I have been studying with for the last of couple of months! It’s weird that we finally decided to organise a party, after we have been studying together for almost 4 months! 😀

Anyways, here is a quick outfit photo!

(leather shorts from Bik Bok, boots from Primark, blouse from Primark, belt from Zara, tights from H&M, bag from Primark)
With love,

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