The last day 0f 2011

 photo taken in summer of 2010
Hey! 🙂 I made this quick post to wish you Happy New year! 🙂
I also wanted to make it more personal, so I filmed this short video on my webcam! I must apologize for the awful video quality, but a new webcam is definitely something I will buy in 2012! 

So, what do you say about my video? I really want to know, because it’s one  thing to see ones photos or to read what the person has written, but it’s another thing to hear ones voice and just seeing the person in motion! Did you imagine me in some other way, or with a different voice? 😀

Anyways to sum up, I wish you a happy New Year, and may 2012 be the greatest and happiest year of your life! 🙂

Yours as always,


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