When in fall

I had really, really great holidays! 🙂
On Saturday I again went Christmas shopping, but found nothing! 🙁 I still don’t know what to gift to my mum and dad! Later on Saturday my cousin came to visit me, we did all the girly stuff, like doing manicures, watching some movies and eating a lot of snacks! 🙂 It was really great!
Then on Sunday we had a photoshoot, I uploaded the photos on my pc, now they only need editing, so soon there will be new photos! Yaiy! 🙂
It is so weird that it’s almost the middle of December, but there is no snow, not at all! Because usually in Latvia we have snow from November till almost April! It’s not that I am sad about it, because I don’t particularly like snow or anything related to coldness or even better to winter sports, but I can’t imagine Christmas without snow! In my ideal world there would be snow only for on day in Christmas, every other day I would prefer +30 degrees by Celsius and sun! 😀
haha, a girl can dream, right? 😀
So, anyways here are some outfit photos that were taken some time ago! 🙂
(Skirt from New Yorker, blouse from Primark, tights from H&M, boots from Primark, necklace from Promod, ring from Bijou Brigitte)
Have a nice week!

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