As I promised here are some photos from Midsummer feast. Though there are not a lot of them, as I said in my previous post I didn’t had time to ask for photos from my cousins camera!
For these holidays I went to my countryside were my grandparents live. It was really great seeing my cousins and my closest family, just because I am very close to them we had lots and lots of fun!

Midsummer is probably my favorite holiday of the year and I am a bit sad that I will have to wait one year till I will celebrate it again! 😀

 Me and my niece Elisa
 This is my flower wreath from Jasmin. I made it my self!
 Our bonfire
 My sister-in-law Laura, niece Elisa and their dog Ferrari
 The oak tree wreaths were for men
And lastly a picture of me and my boyfriend! (On 23d of June we had our 4 month anniversary! :))
With lots of love,

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