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I just love Wednesdays, because in Wednesdays I don’t have to go to University! So, therefore this morning I was able to sleep till 11am instead of getting up at 6am! Today was a nice day, so me and my boyfriend went out for a walk to the nearest park and I talked him into taking some outfit pictures for me, so watch out for those. After that I studied, because I have to make a presentation about Unemployment benefits in Latvia and in the world, which is actually not an easy task! 
Now I am babysitting my 4 year old niece (she is just adorable!). And I will probably spend the rest of my evening eating some snacks and watching some tv shows (for example I just love The Voice!)

Anyways here is one of the last shopping posts of things I got while I was in Berlin, Germany, this summer! 
Almost everything I got was on sale!

 Got this awesome sparkly bag in H&M for 5 euros!
 Got these sandals in Deichmann for 7 euros
 Got these cute ballerina flats in Tally Weijl for 12 euros! (Love the leopard print inside of them!)
 Got this cute case for sunglasses in C&A for 5 euros, but I think it could be used as a small clutch as well!
 I am finally gonna be able to make cute buns! Got it in H&M for 3.50 euros
 Got these sneakers in H&M for 9.95 euros
 And last but not least got these sandals in Pimkie for 9 euros
With love,

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