1 year

Hi my dolls!

1 year. For someone it’s a log time, for someone it’s a heartbeat. For me it’s both. I have been together with my boyfriend for exactly one year. It’s a lot, because so much has happened over the year and it’s the longest relationship I have ever had and I think I have known him forever , but on the other hand the time just flew, because I can clearly remember our first date a year ago.
The funniest thing about our love story is that we are born with only two hours apart (he is born on 11th July just few minutes before twelve, and I am born on 12th July at 2am!). And no we are not related! 😀 What’s more interesting is that we were born in the same hospital (so you can almost literally say that it was love at first sight!). And then 19 years later we started studying together in the same University, in the same study program and even in the same group! How creepy is that? It’s like we were mean to be together from the get go! I have never believed in faith (because everyone makes their own choices), but this is just weird!


Even though we started studying together we didn’t even talk to each other for like almost 6 months (but that doesn’t mean I didn’t check him out! :D). And then in December I broke up with my last boyfriend (nothing serious, relationship was only like 2 months) and I started to like him more and more. So eventually my crush grew bigger, but I thought that most definitely he hadn’t even noticed me. And boy, I was wrong, because as it later turned out he had a crush on me as well!
So slowly, slowly we started talking and goofing around ( I was trying to do everything to make him smile, even better laugh, and he was teasing me a lot), we had endless chats on social networks, we skype chatted a lot. And then on 23d he finally asked me out (still don’t know what took him so long!). I felt so happy and giddery! 🙂 We had a really cute date, he helped me to pick out a present for my moms coming birthday, we went to a movie and then played billiard. A cliche date, but it was just what I needed!
So that’s where our story started. This year has been amazing, I think I have found my long lost best friend, because he gets me, I can be 100% me around him, I can overreact, have hysteria’s, cry over nonsense, have an inappropriate laughter, be crazy etc. and I know he will always be there. And even though we drive each other mad sometimes- oh, the fights we have had, but we have overcome them and we know a lot more about our personalities and how to react in different situations.
And I know that I am still very young, everything can change, but I am definitely enjoying every moment with him and I hope that that will never end.
With love,

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