Hey my lovelies!

I  made an account
at Tumblr like almost over year and a half ago, and I have loved it since. This
blogspot blog is more about me, it’s more personal, but my Tumblr blog
portrays the fashion, nature, design etc. that inspires and motivates
me from day to day.

My Tumblr blog you will find HERE so, please, don’t hesitate to visit it and follow it! ( I would love to see your Tumblr blogs as well!)
So here enjoy a few collages I put together to show you more of my Tumblr!

Dream house:

Fashion & style:
Free spirit:
And some eye candy! 😛
As you can see this is just a glimpse of what truly inspires me, but if you crave more, visit callmemaddie.tumblr.com/
With love,


  1. April 19, 2013 / 17:52

    Such a dreamy and beautiful collage you've made. Where did you get the "free spirit" pictures from? 😀
    Please follow my blog, I'm following yours too 🙂

  2. Anonymous
    April 19, 2013 / 18:23

    great inspirations;)

  3. April 19, 2013 / 19:34

    ohh wow so inspiring pics!!! I have to visit your Tumblr account 🙂
    have a nice weekend beautiful girl!

  4. April 19, 2013 / 21:30

    Amazing pictures, I could spend hours on tumblr! Thank you for your kind comment on my blog, I'm following you now ^.^

  5. April 19, 2013 / 21:40

    Love these pictures!! I love looking at pictures on tumblr, I can seriously spend so much time on there..

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  6. April 19, 2013 / 23:58

    Hi sweety, these were beautifully inspiring image boards, what a wonderful way to end the week!

  7. April 20, 2013 / 05:20

    Tumblr heaven!!!

    Peace, Love & Good Chocolate
    PARIS ➸♡➸

  8. Anonymous
    April 20, 2013 / 07:12

    Beautiful collages.


  9. April 20, 2013 / 08:05

    Dreamhouse *_* The bed….


  10. April 20, 2013 / 10:50

    Such a great gathering of amazing pics!
    I love how you did the presentation, very original 🙂


  11. Anonymous
    April 20, 2013 / 11:28

    What a beautiful post, such a great inspiration. Love this! Following you now. 🙂

  12. April 20, 2013 / 14:35

    These are some nice pictures and definitely inspiring =)
    Enjoy Tumblr!

  13. April 20, 2013 / 20:30

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I would certainly love for us to follow each other!
    I can follow you via FC and bloglovin' 🙂
    I love your dream house images, i'm really into interiors at the minute, I can't wait to have my own place again 🙂 xoxo

  14. April 20, 2013 / 23:04

    ////Actually kind of thinking about that already, jackets like that can be hard to mix if you want to avoid looking too overdone, but I guess this is that moment when I should be happy I'm a guy! All I need are some boots or oxfords, some skinny jeans, a simple tee and a beanie, and I'll be all set!

    Love inspirational tumblr blogs and used to have one myself, but I kept sitting endlessly on my mac, looking at other blogs for hours, so I stopped when I realised I had just about become a shut-in. Great pictures!


  15. April 21, 2013 / 09:33



  16. April 21, 2013 / 12:52

    great pictures you compiled on your tumblr! really lovely!
    hope you visit my blog 🙂 <3

  17. April 21, 2013 / 16:51

    I'll stop by your Tumblr 🙂 xxx

  18. Anonymous
    April 21, 2013 / 17:21

    Wow this is truly inspirational! i love the large table with all the lightbulbs!!! Tumblr is such a good place for creative pictures like these!

    Love, Kyra

  19. April 21, 2013 / 21:06

    Thanks for your comment, I'd love to follow each other! I'm following you now 🙂


  20. April 21, 2013 / 21:33

    hey hun thanks for your comment! followed on gfc & bloglovin 🙂

    xx fameliquorlove.blogspot.com

  21. Anonymous
    April 21, 2013 / 23:39

    Loving the pictures! Your dream house is very pretty, I would love a house like that as well!


  22. April 21, 2013 / 23:49

    You left the best for the last part… smart girl!!! ahhaha

  23. April 22, 2013 / 01:25

    Great Tumblr pics – love your eye candy 😉

  24. April 22, 2013 / 02:34

    Such an amazing post! seriously like need all of them, especially the eye candy :p
    super super love (((the eye candy)))) :p

    Neon Attract

  25. April 22, 2013 / 11:54

    Tumblr is very inspiring! I love these pics 🙂 Especially the house decor ad fashion!
    I have a new post up, and I'd love to hear what you think!

  26. April 22, 2013 / 12:38

    Tumblr lapa super, noteikti pievienosos…. Ir taa forshi vakaros milakajiem tumblr izskriet cauri no bildeem tik daudz ideju iek guuts un taa….. Bet ar tumblr ir arii taa mazliet diivainii ess tur lietas nesarotu, ir ieesspeejams komenteet jebshu nee ai nu tas nav svaiigi… Man tumblr lapa veltiita manam beernam, nu ne ka vins lasa lasiis va kaa bet kas ma sasasaas ikdienaa notkumi sajuutas nu taa kaa es caur savu viiru iepaziistu to kas man ir cita pasaule…to aa shii pasaule veido uusu mazo mus pashus mani, nu vardsakot kaa tu saki blogspot ir vairaak tava personiskaa lpa, tad tumblr ir taada prieksh manis, pskati ja interesee 🙂 http://theplacealbania.tumblr.com/

  27. April 23, 2013 / 07:37

    Beautiful tumblr photos, always love some eye candy too! Now following on GFC and Bloglovin.

    Blog: CuteLA.com

  28. April 23, 2013 / 13:37

    looking at the photos i dream with my eyes open!:)

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