Behind the scenes VI

Hi my dearest! 🙂
First of all, a big thank you for wishing good me good luck on my exam results, looks like your finger crossing for me worked out! I have an 8 in Accounting, haha, so proud of myself!  All the rest marks are pretty good too, so even though I am on a really tight schedule I can still manage to do everything! I am so happy that university is finally over for 2 months! Now I only have to work, but I hope I will get a vacation soon, so I can fully relax and just enjoy the summer!
Second of all, today I want to show you some pictures I like to call- behind the scenes. As these photos are something I would not usually post on my regular outfit posts! Mostly I am just goofy with weird face expressions or I am obsessed with fixing my hair! 😀
P8131674 (Large)
IMG_3394a (Large)
P5130114 (Large)
IMG_3849 (Large)
P9042007 (Large)
P8131826 (Large)
IMG_4475 (Large)
P9110780.JPG_effected (Large)
~With lots of love~

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