DIY Flower headband

DIY flower headband, handmade flower crown
Hi sweets!
Today I want to share with you a little DIY I made yesterday- a flower headband/ crown. I have always, with envy, looked at the photos with girls who have flowers in their hair, because this tendency is so beautiful and serene! I love how a little touch of beautiful flowers can change the outfit and atmosphere completely! I think flower headband/ crown trend was mostly influenced and introduced by Lana del Rey (who I adore a lot!) and since then it has become very popular!

I was searching for a flower headband in many stores and in a lot of online shops, but I found only few okey-ish head bands, and some that were beautiful, but oh, so expensive! So, therefore I decided to take matters in my own hands and make my own flower headband. It was a bit difficult because I am not very, very crafty, I like to do and make some little things for now and then, but I am definitely a newbie when it comes to crafts!
Anyways, here is the DIY and my own flower head band! 🙂
So here is what you need:
* a pair of scissors or pliers
* a hot stick glue gun (or as I didn’t have it, I used super moment glue, but I don’t recommend using it, as the process is very difficult and complicated)
* fake flowers (I bought two stems of roses and leaves)
* a headband 
The overall costs depend of how much you have at home already, but for me the overall costs were about 8 euros!
 So you start of with cutting of the roses, but leave a little end, so you can wrap it around the headband!
Here are some of my roses
Next step is to wrap the flower around the headband
Apply flowers generously over band using glue gun or in my case a super moment glue
Here is how it looks, with all the flowers applied!
DIY flower headband, handmade flower crown
And lastly I decided to cut off some leaves and glue them to my headband to give a little fairy like touch! But it’s your choice, you can leave it without applying leaves!
Et voila! Your custom, handmade flower headband is ready!
DIY flower headband, handmade flower crown
& here is a little sneak peak of my next outfit featuring this headband and a lovely dress I received by cooperating with Sheinside. 🙂
DIY flower headband, handmade flower crown

Did you like this DIY? What do you think of flower headbands? 🙂
~With love~

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