A birthday wishlist

Hi sweets!
Yes, I know, I know my birthday was almost a moth ago! But you might ask why I am posting this wishlist then?
I decided to make this list because: 1st I thought that this could also be used as a gift to guide for her,
it doesn’t matter if it’s your mom, sister, friend or any kind of
acquaintance, because as long as the person is eeeny tiny bit like me
(well, you can only judge by my blog! 😀 ), I think these gifts will be
And 2nd, you know how many body lotions I got as my birthday gifts? 3!
I mean, there is nothing bad in receiving a body lotion, I like using
them and I got really great and some even very expensive ones (but then
again if I got 3 of them, maybe, they think that something is wrong with me, and it
looks like I could use them! haha, maybe that’s a sign I should shower
more or something! ), and I already have 2 unused bottles at home and
the one I am using right now is not even half empty! So what can I do
with 6 bottles of body lotion?
Therefore, maybe, when I am going to be turning 22 I will make a wishlist, because the question“What do you want as a present?” and my answer “I don’t know, you know me pretty well, choose something I’d like!” doesn’t work, unless I want to make a bath full of body lotion! *sarcasm*.

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1. Gossip Girl Complete series
I cannot imagine my life without Chuck & Blair drama, so for lonely
evenings I would love to rewatch one of my favorite series: Gossip Girl,
which I surely miss a lot already!
2. Make up organizer
I am such a messy person, this should do the trick!
3. Cute Volkswagen phone case cover
4. Home fragrance
5. Infinite Love Double Heart Pendant Necklace
6. Canon 50mm 1.8 lenses
7. Lauren Conrad Style
I have been wanting to read this book for ages!
8. A bouquet of peonies
9. Hand made gift
Nothing melts my heart more than a hand made gift! The thought that somebody really spent their time in making something for me is heart whelming!
10. Spa treatment
As I work at H&M, my legs always hurt after an 8 hour shift! I would definitely appreciate a relaxation day!

 There are two things with which you cannot ever go wrong when giving women a present: flowers and jewelry. I think for the most parts these things are associated with men giving their women these gifts when they have done something terribly wrong! 😀 But why to put these beautiful things in such a negative category, right? I think jewelry especially combined with flowers is a terrific present! Regarding to me, I have recently started loving peonies! I find them really beautiful and majestic, they add a lovely baroque inspired feeling! And as for jewelry, as much I love complex and bold jewelry, I definitely appreciate the beauty that can only be obtained with a simple silver or gold necklace, bracelet, ring etc. Diamonds, gemstones, pearls are definitely the ones to make you look dashing even when you are wearing a simple outfit!
So what do you think of my birthday wishlist/ gift guide? 🙂
~With love~

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