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Hi lovelies!
I think a lot of you could agree that fashion has come a really, really long way, but sometimes there are just classic looks that will never go out of style. And today I’d like to show you one classic- pearls. In my mind pearls are timeless, classic and always give a slight touch of elegance. 
Have you ever wondered why pearls are so popular and a lot of people adore them? Mostly because pearls have been treasured around all the world for thousands of years. They are the oldest know gemstone; and as lucky birthstone of June and the commemorative token of thirtieth
wedding anniversary, pearl is a symbol of happiness, harmony, prosperity
and peace.
Therefore to showcase some great pearl jewelry I created this collage with my favorites via, which  is a global online fashion and beautiful jewelry retailer.
Right now they are having a pearl jewelry clearance sale up to 70% off!
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“The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens”
                                                             ~Author Unknown 
 Daisy, The Great Gatsby, fashion blog, pearl jewelryDaisy, The Great Gatsby, fashion blog, pearl jewelry 
 I also found
some inspirational pictures from the dearly beloved movie The Great
Gatsby. If you have seen The Great Gatsby, you might have
noticed all the pearl jewelry! Daisy is obviously a fictional chrachter,
but she was
created to represent grace, style, and elegance. Pearls are a terrific
way to show off the classy and elegant side of you!
What about you? Do you wear pearls? Do you like pearl jewelry?
~With love~

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