Cheap Friday- Ebay bargains #1

Hi sweets!
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Judging from my experience, a lot of times Ebay can be really confusing- finding and then choosing an item for the best price can sometimes turn out really tricky. So therefore as of today, every Friday I will post an Ebay bargain post, in which I will collect some of the cheapest, yet up to the latest trends: clothes, accessories, shoes, actually anything that will catch my eye as a great deal, a bargain. 
I thought of writing this category, because I am tired of browsing many different Internet shops and looking through almost the same clothes for ridiculously high prices, if you can find the same or at least really similar items on Ebay!
So about this weeks list: I chose summery colors and items, because, even though, summer is coming to an end, I think I we should prolong it as much as possible!  I am in love with those jelly sandals, they come in so many different sunny colors! If there is a rainy day in your country, I think these would be the perfect shoes to make your day brighter (especially, because they are rain friendly! 😀 ). Another favorite are those sunnies! I mean how lovely are those cute little flowers? 🙂
Note. I am not sponsored to post any of these products up on my blog, I don’t do this for advertisement purposes, but to genuinely show my finds on Ebay! 🙂

So what do you think of my new Ebay series? Do you like the idea? Do you find this useful?
~Have a gorgeous day!~

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