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Hi sweets!
2013-09-02- 23-20-59
As we all know school has already started, so therefore, today I wanted to show you my version of ‘back to school’ outfits! 
Back in the days when I was still studying in high school (hehe, this kind of makes me sound like a grumpy old lady, not 21 year old! 😀 ), I don’t recall wearing dresses at all! Mostly I wore jeans, a basic t-shirt or tank top, a cardigan and on most cases ballerinas or sneakers. But as I have started studying in University, I have started implementing dresses into my daily outfit routine as well. I am still not big fan on wearing heels with the dress to uni, as usually after school I go right to the work and I cannot imagine wearing heels while working in H&M! 😀
Anyways, back to the point, I really have no explanation why I didn’t wear dresses in school, I think I was going through a tomboyish phase or something! 
So in this post I just wanted to gather 3 dresses, that I would definitely wear to University and paired them together with different kinds of bags, because bags are so important when it comes to school/university/college etc. I for example, adore H&M bags, not because I work there :D. but because I reallt think they are cool and sophisticated!

What about you? Do you wear/ wore dresses to school? Or do you like me, started wearing dresses only after school?
~With lots of love~

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