Cheap friday- Ebay bargains (The Christmas home edition)

Cheap Friday- Ebay bargains (The Christmas home edition)- featuring advent wall garland, red bows, reindeer cushion pillows, fire crackers, christmas planner, yankee candle, cookie cutters, candy canes with mint flavor, mug" keep calm it's only christmas, snowglobes with reindeer, santa claus and snowman
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Did you know that Christmas is a bit more than one month away!? I am very excited about this fact as Christmas is my all time favorite part of the year, but I am also a bit worried because the university semester is slowly coming to an end, therefore I have to finish many projects, write all tests etc!

Anyways as I said-  Christmas is only one month away, so that’s why I decided to put up this Ebay post now, because in this case you would manage to get these items in time if you decide you would like to buy them! And I think most of you might know that items from Ebay can even take up to 4 weeks to arrive!
It took me a lot of time of finding the perfect Christmasy items & I am so happy with the result I achieved,  I can only imagine how much fun is firing those crackers & drinking a hot cup of coffee with this hilarious mug + how cool is that Christmas planner? 🙂 + a lot of these items come in different variations and colors!
So just basically grab yourself a hot cup of tea, sit back, try to just leave all the coldness &  glommy weather behind and just try to embrace the early Christmas spirit with my little selection of Christmas goodies!

Do you like home edition Ebay bargain posts? Are you as excited as me of the upcoming season? 🙂
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