Winter wishlist (layers)

Chemjoy wishlist:  Faux fur collar jacket,Vintage suede jacket, Vintage striped coat, Tiger print rivet sweater, Pink contrast woolen sweater, Neon color sweater, Contrast plaid shirt, Tribal embroidery denim shirt, Parrot print blouse
1. Faux fur collar jacket
2. Vintage suede jacket
3. Vintage striped coat
4. Tiger print rivet sweater
5. Pink contrast woolen sweater
6. Neon color sweater
7. Contrast plaid shirt
8. Tribal embroidery denim shirt
9. Parrot print blouse
As we all know it is December already and I bet there will be snow in a lot of countries in no time!Therefore I decided to make up a winter wishlist collage via global online shopping store Chemjoy,

I think this website provides a wide variety of different styles and clothes, so it was super easy to find and create 3 layered winter outfits! ( Look in a vertical direction to see all three outfits! 🙂 )

Yesterday and the day before it was snowing a lot here in Latvia, evertyhing around looks like a beautiful piece of a winter wonderland fairytale! Even though I am not the biggest fan of winter (all time summer lover), I do appreciate the beauty of nature in winter. But what I don’t appreciate is the cold weather that comes along with the snow, I hate freezing and I am completely miserable if I am cold!
But layers are the + side of this cold and uneasy weather, because if you use layers in your outfit, you can mix and match together so many garments & have endless possibilities of different outfits!
My favorite combination of layers is a jacket + sweater + blouse and that is why I decided to show you how I would wear different style items from Chemjoy.
Do you like winter and do you love outfit layers as much as I do? 🙂
~With love~

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