Top 10 oufits of 2013

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I know, I know that last year was a bit over a month ago, but I somehow didn’t actually manage to post my best outfits from 2013! But as it is only the start of February, I decided to still publish this post and give you a little summary of how my 2013 was style wise!

Anyways here are my top 10 outfits in a descending order (judged by the feedback I got from view count, comments, lookbok etc.) & just click on the picture or the link to see the full post!
aztec print blouse from H&M, studded denim shorts from Bik Bok, jeffrey cambell lita heel look a like from Ebay
white blazer from H&M, summer style: white blazer with light blue jeans, zara sandals heels, how to style zara heels
6. White blazer

you got me spinning like a ballerina
5. You got me spinning like a ballerina

bik bok leather shorts, primark messanger bag, burgundy red sweater
4. Winter birches

floral print blouse from Persunmall, turquoise color tulip skirt. How to style floral blouse
3. Turquoise love

Will you still love me when I am no longer young and beautiful?

2. Will you still love me when I am no longer young and beautiful?

how to wear style tartan scarf, H&M ankle boots, new yorker leather jacket
1. Tartan scarf

What do you think of my top 10 outfits? Do you like them? Would you put them in a different order? 🙂

~With love~


  1. February 4, 2014 / 18:29

    What a fashionable year! I love number 5! That white lace top is gorgeous and you chose the perfect skirt to compliment it. So delicate and demure!

  2. February 4, 2014 / 19:19

    Great outfits! Your number 1 is my number 1 too 🙂

  3. February 4, 2014 / 19:20

    Amazing outfits! My favourites are number 10, 5, 4 & 2! ♥

  4. February 4, 2014 / 19:49

    I'm in love with pretty much all of these (my fav is #7). Such good timing for a recap post as I just discovered your blog and LOVE it! New follower via bloglovin 🙂
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  5. February 4, 2014 / 19:52

    I'm in love with those pinstripe pants and your lace top!
    Very pretty. c:


  6. February 4, 2014 / 22:22

    Maddie, I would put them in the same order, just love your style so so much! You look stunning in each looks, they are so original, trendy and flawless. I think you are really great especially in the one with the white blazer, the one like a ballerina and the first one with the tartan scarf 🙂 Kisses and hugs! xo

  7. February 4, 2014 / 22:35

    Wonderful Outfits! My favorite one is the white Blazer Look!


  8. February 4, 2014 / 23:28

    I really like the number 9 and 2!!

  9. February 4, 2014 / 23:55

    Loving all of these looks Maddie!! I have to say that the white blazer outfit is my fav!!!

    Xo Ash
    Sincerely Miss Ash

  10. February 5, 2014 / 04:23

    your outfits r so pretty!! my favourite is the ballerina outfit 🙂 I'm obsessed with ballet dresses
    <3 victorique

  11. February 5, 2014 / 05:35

    Numbers 9,8,7,5 are my fav. Number 5 should definitely be on number one! This post was amazing (I think I discovered your blog via this post :D)
    Lots of love to you Maddie!
    Do you come by another time at my blog? Love it when I get a reaction from you 🙂 xo Lyn

  12. February 5, 2014 / 07:20

    Love all these looks – but the teal and pink skirt are my favorite!

  13. February 5, 2014 / 10:02

    This is such a fabulous outfit review, number 7 and 8 are my favs, but the others are stunning as well! You look gorgeous in anything, I like that mix of grunge and romantic looks! Thanks for stopping by 😉 xoxo

  14. February 5, 2014 / 15:41

    Very stylish outfits, although that last one with the lace is one of my absolute favourites. xx/Madison

  15. February 5, 2014 / 16:02

    that last look is so gorgeous! best of 2013 i'd say x

  16. February 5, 2014 / 16:35

    I loved loved loved number 5. The outfit is gorgeous and the light on the photographs make it look even better!

  17. February 5, 2014 / 20:35

    Hi Maddie, if I had to choose, it would be impossible to narrow it down to just ten favorite outfits of yours, because I adore them all! But you have picked the cream of the crop here…the striped pants was a stunner, loved the chic white blazer and also the pretty pink skirt. Your style always inspired me darling!

  18. February 6, 2014 / 04:40

    Maddie , I love this look back , My favorite shits of y are numbers 5 and 10, but they are all so Lovley and individual! You are so pretty and so good at this , it is a pleasure to follow you!
    XX, Elle

  19. February 6, 2014 / 05:21

    These are seriously inspiring looks! Love them all, and it's so fun to see style over the entire year.

  20. February 6, 2014 / 06:26

    everything looks great! can't even choose which one is the best, they look wonderful in their own way~more outfits this year Maddie! 😀

    love lots,

  21. February 6, 2014 / 08:22

    We have some things alike ..;)) Like the striped pants, and the necklace with little blue triangle.. One of my fav outfits is the one with the bluejeans, black sandals and white jacket. But in the end all are lovely.

  22. February 6, 2014 / 18:02

    7. and 1. are my favourites 🙂

  23. February 9, 2014 / 19:21

    I always love your outfits, your sens of style is perfect. So pretty and elegant 🙂

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