Packing for Canary islands

ready for beach outfit- hot pink towel, reflector sunglasses from H&M, palm print bikini and shorts
As I have said it many times before ( I think I am starting to bore you with this!), tomorrow I am traveling to Canary islands! I am extremely excited about that, because a vacation is truly what I needed right now! I don’t think that I am the only one who thinks that packing can be a true nightmare, that is way I started packing on Wednesday and slowly added thoughtful content to my suitcase!
I am traveling with Ryanair and they allow maximum 10kg in the hand baggage and at first when I found it out I was really freaking out, because 10kg is not nearly enough for the things I wanted to take with me! At first I thought that maybe we could take extra luggage, but as the gap between the flights are only 2 hours we might not manage to check in the baggage in time so we said goodbye to that idea!
At first I thought I could take my pc with me and blog from Canary islands, but as my computer weighs too much I have decided not to take it with me! But no worries, I have already scheduled some blog posts for you to read while I am gone (including my Ebay bargains posts which some of you seem really eager to read!) :).
ray ban sunglasses, reflector aviator sunglasses
Sunglasses are definitely a must. I mean, I just cannot imagine surviving Canary island sun without having proper eye protection! The aviator type sunglasses are from H&M, and the bottom ones are from Reserved and C&A. And as I am speaking of sunglasses, I have always bought eyewear in store as I thought it could be the only way of how to find out whether the glasses suit or me or not. But that was till I came a cross Bonlook and their program that allows you to virtually try on eyewear  before actually making the purchase! I think this is a really great alternative as it saves a lot of time!
My passport and a book of “Learn Spanish in 3 months”. Even though I have studied Spanish for 3 years, it was about 3 years ago and I haven’t practised Spanish very often since then! So this book is perfect for refreshing my memory!
samsung galaxy s4, floral print phone case
My smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4 + earphones is definitely on my checklist, because I cannot imagine surviving 2 hours flight from Riga to London & then 4 hours flight from London to Canary islands without listening music and maybe watching some tv shows! + I have dressed my phone in a new case cover, so it is more summery! 🙂
neon color sandals, white t shirt, blue jeans- perfect summer outfit
romantic summer outfit- high waist jean shorts, see through lace blouse, flower headband
When I am packing I am always trying to visualize my outfits as that way I can avoid taking unnecessary garments that cannot be styled with anything! Because my usual way of thinking fails me as I want to take a lot of things just because they are pretty and I honestly just don’t see the big picture!
H&M-loves music-2014-swimwear-collection-H&M-2014-swimsuit-summer
Some goodies I will take with me courtesy of H&M! These pieces are from their upcoming swimwear and H&M Loves Music collections! The floral print bikini is by far my favorite!
white, neon green and neon pink, black sandals
You’ll have to help me on this one as I really want to take all four sandals, but if I think about it more- I don’t think it is quite rational to take 4 pairs of the same type shoes! Which ones do you think I should take?
smart packing, how to pack a suitcase, easy packing
I have found out that rolling garments into something similar to tubes is more efficient than folding them as you can pack more items in your suitcase + a lot of times it preserves the garment from wrinkling!
~With love~

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