Best Ebay bargains of 2015 – Shoes

Best Ebay shoes of 2015
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Today I have collected the best Ebay bargains of 2015 in shoes department! Throughout the year in these blog posts you were able to find so many different styles and types of shoes, ranging from simple flats to fancy high heels and even sporty sneakers! I, myself, very rarely order shoes from Ebay because it’s kind of hard to overcome the stereotype that it’s tricky to order shoes online! Though, I’ve been gaining experience and lately all pairs of shoes that I had ordered have been in the perfect size! They have not been either too small or too big, I guess practice, as in experience, makes it perfect! 🙂
Do you order shoes online? What has been your experience, for example, with Ebay?
I will also remind you that this is the last week in which you can express your opinion ( either in the poll or in comments down below) whether I should continue making these weekly Ebay bargains posts in 2016 as well! I will really appreciate your opinion in this matter as I want to make this blog an interesting place to visit and read! Thank you! 🙂
Šodien ir pienākusi kārta apkopot labākos kurpju pārus Ebay 2015. gadā! Kurpes manos Ebay bargains rakstos ir bijušas tik raibas kā dzeņa vēders – sākot no “laiviņkurpēm”, modīgām augstpapēžkurpēm līdz pat sportiskām kedām un botām! Pati no Ebay kurpes pasūtu ļoti retu, jo ir grūti tikt pāri tam stereotipam, ka internetā ir praktiski neiespējami iegādāties kurpes. Bet ar katru reizi aizvien labāk “piešaujos” un izdodas veiksmīgi atrast kurpju pāri īstajā izmērā, kas nespiež vai tieši otrādi, kurā kāja nešļūkā! Kāda ir Tava pieredze perfektā kurpju pāra atrašanā internetā?
Kā arī vēl atgādināšu, ka šonedēļ vēl ir iespējams nobalsot par to vai man turpināt rakstīt bloga ierakstus saistībā ar Ebay! Ļoti novērtēšu Tavu viedokli, jo gribas, lai manā blogā Tev ir pēc iespējas interesantāk! Paldies 🙂
Do you like my Ebay bargains? Which is your favorite? 
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~With love~
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    I like number 2!

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